The  South Australia Club Registration scheme, as you are no doubt aware, uses a Logbook system to record the usage of your Historic vehicle.
The issuing and renewing of Log Books is the major role of the AAAC Historic Registrar. The clubs Registrar maintains the records of all vehicles in the club in the scheme and informs to the SA Government on which members and vehicles are approved for Club Registration.

Each Financial year all members Log Books need to be stamped by the Club as per the requirements of Club Registration. The Club provides a list of Financial Members to Brian Morgan, our Historic Registrar. If your logbook is not checked and stamped by the Historic Registrar at the start of each financial year and at registration renewal then you do not comply with the Club Registration scheme and you should not drive your car as it is not registered.

How to get Your Log Book actioned by the Historic Registrar

Your Membership Renewal receipt issued by the club Treasurer will be evidence of financial membership when you seek yearly Log Book updating and after you receive and paid your registration renewal.  Log books need to be stamped by the club registrar as soon as possible afterwards.

Preferred method of updating them is at a General Meeting.

To spread the workload Brian will begin processing members logbooks as of the April General meeting.

Alternatively, Books can be presented /posted to Brian Morgan at his address (see club directory in our magazine). Brian does shift work, so be mindful if intending to cold call on him.

Before you present /post your log looks, please look on the inside cover to make sure it is less than 3 years old. If the 3 renewals have been used, please include $3.00 to pay for the new book. If posting your books, ensure you include a stamped, self-addressed envelope for each book.

Australia post will only allow 1 log book per envelope so separate items will require a separate envelope, including the return of the old book if so requested.

Additionally Brian Morgan needs members to include their phone number when they post log books to him. So if he has questions he can contact the member.

The club runs on volunteers and we thank Brian Morgan for taking on this much needed position.
Please click HERE for details from our President on how you can help the club.

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