Part 1 

The first time I saw the Holden in August 2018 sitting in the garage with its flat tires, tired paint work and rusted front guards I knew this car was for me. 
I remembered that I had one of this model many years ago when I and this Holden were much younger models. In fact this car was the same model and colour as the one I had years earlier. 

This vehicle was to be auctioned as a deceased estate the following day, so I decided on how much I was willing to pay for it, well let’s just say plans don’t go the way you want them to go especially when there is someone else wanting the same thing you want and at most auctions your heart rules your head, no more said I paid more than I planned. Paying more than I wanted for this car must have been an omen of things to come on my journey with this car. 

Once I had it towed home my wife Mary just looked at it, then at me with that look of “what have you got yourself into this time”. I had to admit the Holden looked a little worse for wear in the light of day, dark garages hide so much. But no to fear I knew I had an honest example of this make and it was all going to be ok, or at least that’s the way I was thinking. 

The very first thing I started on was to replace all four tires so I could at least roll this car inside and out of the garage. Trying to find 13in tires on the shelf is a bit of a problem, 14in and above are much more common these days, but never one for giving up I found what I needed and set about fitting them to the car, once there were fitted this Holden took on a new look of life. 

The next part to look at was the motor, as this was a no going car, (remember when you buy at auctions you buy as is condition and no recall) no key, no spark plugs fitted to the motor and no idea if this motor was seized or not, only a little time will tell and that time was now. 

But before I looked at the motor I needed to get into the boot of this car as without a key I had no idea what if anything was to be found in the boot. The first thing to do was to remove the back seat to access the boot which was simple enough and before too long I was surprised to find a boot full of mechanical spare parts for this car and a few for another make which at this time I had no idea. After the boot was unloaded and checked for rust it was found to be in really good condition including the fuel tank. 

Going through the parts found in the boot I found the original spark plugs but no key. Now back to the motor, checked to see if the motor had any oil in it and its condition which again was simple enough by draining. After draining and a quick check and feel through the oil. looking for the signs of milky colour oil and pieces of metal I was fairly sure the motor may start and run.

After a good night sleep ( you’re joking) today was the day to find out if this motor was a runner or a full rebuilt or worse. find another engine which I really didn’t want as then this car is no longer original. Once the engine was flushed through and oil replaced. refitted those spark plugs and rerouted the fuel line as I had no idea what condition the inside of the fuel tank was like. I fitted a new battery and with the help of a friend. who poured fuel down the throat of the carby. I pulled on the choke turned on the ignition and all lights worked Yes! I turned a little more and the motor turned over, Great. all sounded ok, then she fired up and started to run, black\blue smoke out the back exhaust. I pushed in the choked a little and let the motor run. I was stoked. the motor was a goer and sounded good. no knocks or rattles just sounded like a Holden motor should. Stay tuned for Part 2. CHARLIE MIFSUD

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